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About ABB

ABB is a global engineering solutions corporation with deep roots. Founded in 1883 in Stockholm as Elektriska Aktiebolaget, ABB reinvented itself in 1988 and has grown to establish operations in nearly 100 countries throughout the globe, spreading their commitment to innovation and technology leadership, and their dedication to research and development. ABB's team of 145,000 highly trained professionals works hard to bring revolutionary new technologies to market and to provide timely, high quality repairs for ABB's valued clients.

As a twenty-first century company, ABB places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices such as eliminating the use of hazardous materials, and on sustainability-focused technologies such as solar power. These measures are balanced alongside ABB's mission to work towards increased productivity and reliability and an emphasis on worker integrity and diversity.

ABB is home to the foremost experts in the fields of power and automation, and their products and projects reflect the ever-evolving modern world. For both large-scale projects and small repairs, ABB can be trusted to provide a timely, innovative, and effective solution that will keep your business moving forward.

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