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Since 1948, SSD Parvex has been a major contributor to the drives and motors industry. By manufacturing high quality AC, DC, and Servo motors and drives, Parvex has helped the industry to maintain high standards for these products. Known for innovative yet reliable products, Parvex offers a wide variety of products. Parvex provides the type of global support and vast practical experience that allows you to be confident in the performance of your motors and drives. By joining the Parker Group in 2005, Parvex expanded its ability to provide customers with highly advanced drives and motors. Parvex's goal is to combine functionality with innovative features in order to create forward-thinking products that are still trustworthy. The drives and motors industry has taken notice of the excellent products that are being produced by Parvex. Although Parvex specializes in Servo drives and Servo motors, the company also produces a line of gearboxes. From torque motors to RTS DC drives, Parvex is equipped to help you select the appropriate motor or drive for your application.

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