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About Bautz

At Bautz, teamwork is a priority. Under the leadership of Danaher Motion, Bautz pairs with a wide variety of engineering professionals to get the job done. Bautz provides innovative engineering solutions for specialty motors and drives, including servo motors. Bautz is committed to efficiency and timeliness for all projects, living up to the Danaher Motion slogan, "€œhelping you build a better machine, faster."

With Bautz, clients have access to a wide range of innovative and high quality motors that can be customized to fit every need. With decades of experience, Bautz brings incredible knowledge to bear on every project. In additional to technical expertise, Bautz's team of professionals also offers the support needed to get projects going. Whether you are unsure about your technology needs or need help programming your servo motor, the Bautz team can help.

Bautz partners with companies worldwide to get the job done quickly and expertly, drawing on global supply chains and teams of highly trained engineers. In conjunction with its partner companies, Bautz works to make the future a reality today.

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Servo Motor Repair Facilities: Looking for a reliable, competent servo repair facility? Ask a prospective repair facility these 10 questions first.

Servo repair is not a side-line business. It is our ONLY business. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure you motor is repaired correctly - the first time. In addition to our normal repair, we offer an expedite service that will typically reduce the repair time to as little as 24 to 48 hours in-house.

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