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About Fanuc

In 1956, FANUC's history began when the company began to develop servo systems and numerical controls. Ever since, FANUC has been known for its commitment to research and development in order to continue producing better and better products. Although FANUC is well known for high quality servo motors, the company is also a leader in the fields of laser and robotics. FANUC produces several lines of motors that provide reliable performance in many different applications. From AC servo motors and AC spindle motors servo amplifiers and linear motors, FANUC produces high quality motors that can work in machine tools, electric press machines, large lathes, industrial machines, and turning and gear cutting machines, as well as may other types of machines. Thanks to FANUC's commitment to quality, the FANUC has been successful around the world and can be found in Japan, the United States, Asia, and Europe. In order to sustain an international business model, FANUC continues to expand its global customer service network so that customers around the world can benefit from both high quality products and excellent services.

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

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