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Siemens boasts the highest standards for the greatest possible efficiency. The Siemens synchronous motor is lauded for its dynamic and precise motion paths. Through position-controlled positioning, handling devices, machine tools, and clock drives, Siemens offers the greatest efficiency, robustness, and compactness available in the industry. With a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, Siemens boasts leading standards that continue to redefine technology. Siemen's SIMOTICS S Servomotors are defined by synchronous motors that are high in inertia, incredibly dynamic, and compact. Despite their compactness, the self-cooled motors have a high capacity for flexible, speedy, and reliable connection to the converter. The motors are designed to work perfectly with SINAMICS S110 as well as the SINAMICS S120 drive systems to provide the most efficient power possible. Through pre-sales information, an optimized catalog and ordering system, technical support, and training, Siemens ensures that clients have the resources they need to succeed with the latest motion-connect technology. As Siemens continues to redefine the standards for maximum efficiency, clients will be able to enjoy highly dynamic and precise motion path technology.

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