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Vickers has been a part of Eaton since 1999, but has been a leader in hydraulics since long before. Their electro-hydraulic controls, cylinders, industrial valves, and piston motors can be found in applications from industrial to aerospace and from mobile to defense. Vickers and Eaton have been at the forefront of the hydraulic servo market and continue to lead innovation. Vickers /Eaton offers a range of products including their vane motors and vane pumps, renowned for high efficiency and power at a lower noise threshold. These vane motors and pumps are currently used for a wide variety of applications from mobile to industrial. Hydraulic piston motors ranging from 11cc to 4100cc make up a big part of the Vickers /Eaton product line, meeting applications from the simplest to the most heavy-duty. Both bent-axis and in-line piston motors are available in this wide range of sizes and strengths. Vickers’ pioneering fluid analysis service is continued by Eaton at the Eaton Fluid Analysis Laboratory, remaining at the forefront of the science.

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Servo Motor Repair Facilities: Looking for a reliable, competent servo repair facility? Ask a prospective repair facility these 10 questions first.

Servo repair is not a side-line business. It is our ONLY business. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure you motor is repaired correctly - the first time. In addition to our normal repair, we offer an expedite service that will typically reduce the repair time to as little as 24 to 48 hours in-house.

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