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Completion of this form is optional. However, by providing the information requested below you will assist us in the diagnosis and repair of your servo device. As a result, we will be able to provide you with a more efficient repair service resulting in a faster turnaround time for you or your customer. Please designate whether you are interested in AC servomotor, DC servomotor, spindle, spindle motor, tachometer, resolver, or encoder repair.

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Evaluation Questions

Please Check one of the following:
I have included detailed specifications for this device. I don't have specifications for this device, but can locate them, and will forward a copy. I don't have and don't know where to find specifications for this device.

When the servo failed, I noticed the device: (check all that apply)
Ran rough Made a whining noise Was noisy Got very hot
Smoked Failed to position correctly Would not home Ran away
Creeps Spun a little, then stopped running Pulled an excessive amount of current Seemed to have low torque
Failed at high speed Failed at low speed Would not run at all

I confirmed this device was bad by: (check all that apply)
Installing a known good device in it's place (problem resolved) Installing this device in a known good drive/machine (problem followed device) I was unable to confirm the device was bad by swapping parts

I have checked: (check all that apply)
All related wiring harnesses and connectors for shorts/opens The drive for proper operation/output The controller for proper operation The related axis for smooth movement (no binding) over its entire range of movement

If the failure was intermittent, please answer the following questions:
1. How often does the failure occur?
2. In the list below, check all of the symptoms that are associated with the intermittent failure:
Excessive heat Excessive current Won't position correctly Low torque A runaway
Occurs when device is first turned on Occurs when device has run for a while Occurs during heavy loads on the device Not sure - it just fails intermittently

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