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Brushless Servo Motor Repair

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Brushless Servo Motor Repair

Brushless motors answer many of the concerns raised by brushed direct current (DC) motors. Brushed motors have existed for over a century, but their brushless successors are only a few decades old. Brushless motors overcome many of the limitations of brushed motors, particularly when it comes to torque. A brushed DC motor will develop a maximum torque level while stationary, and this level decreases as velocity increases.

Brushless motors offer higher performance at a bit of a tradeoff: While a brushless motor is less vulnerable to mechanical wear and tear than a brushed motor, brushless models are a bit more sensitive. Brushless motors use DC electricity to drive the phases of the motor. Permanent magnets create the torque. These motors require more-complex maintenance and are often more expensive than brushed motors. However, brushless motors operate with far less noise than brushed motors and produce more torque per watt of power, leading to greater operational efficiency. They also have a high torque-to-weight ratio, offering more torque in a smaller construction.

What Goes Wrong With Brushless Servos?

Brushless motors typically last longer than brushed motors, thanks to eliminating brush and commutator erosion. Brushless motors produce far less electromagnetic interference. Additionally, we can enclose the entire motor housing completely to protect it from dust, dirt, and debris. Thanks to conduction cooling, the motor doesn’t require internal airflow for cooling.

Most problems in brushless motors arise from heat, which is also the limiting factor when it comes to a brushless motor’s maximum power. Excessive heat will eventually damage the motor winding’s insulation and weaken the permanent magnets. Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors, and, while repairs may be more infrequent for brushless motors, the process is far more intricate.

A-1 ServoMotor Repair Can Help With Brushless Servo Repair

A-1 ServoMotor Repair has over 30 years of experience assisting our clients with their servo repair needs. We understand the importance of reliability and efficiency when it comes to brushless motors, and we want every client’s motor looking like it just came from the manufacturer after we service it. Brushless motors may offer greater efficiency and more cost-effective power over time, but it’s vital to maintain these systems carefully to ensure you can rely on them for years to come.

Our technicians will make sure you understand every step in our process before doing any work. We’ll also run diagnostics to keep you informed about the motor and how to protect it. Leave your brushless servo repair needs to A-1 ServoMotor Repair to get them running like brand new again.

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