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Quality Servo Repair Services

Quality is the backbone of our company. Without quality we would not have survived since 1982. We have the ability to rebuild servo devices and make them last because we give quality the HIGHEST priority.

Upon arrival, all servo devices are completely disassembled. Each component is then individually inspected and, if possible, tested mechanically as well as electrically. Worn or defective parts are either replaced or rebuilt to original specifications. As each device is assembled, tests are performed at every possible step. Once totally assembled, every device is tested again before it leaves our facility to verify that it meets or exceeds OEM standards.

It is this attention to every little detail that adds up to an overall quality rebuild. We do not measure quality by the aesthetics of a device; it’s what’s inside that counts. We believe that quality emerges through attitude, desire, and attention to every single detail. We strive to make quality happen every time.

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