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Spindle Motor Repair

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Spindle Motor Repair

The spindle motor is set apart from its peers by its high-precision, high-reliability electric rotation mechanism. Spindle motors use a unique shaft (the spindle) on which thin, magnetic disks (platters) are mounted in a hard drive disk. Unlike most electric motors, which use gears and belts to modify their output, the spindle motor only uses a single, integral unit for its rotating motor shaft and platter shaft.

Spindle motors are appreciated for their small size, reliability, minimal movement during operation, and low power consumption. They are also much quieter than the average motor, and don’t output a lot of heat. Hard drive disks have increased storage capacity due to the spindle motor’s ability to minimize track spacing on the platters. Spindle motors use ball bearings, nowadays made from high velocity oil instead of metal, to reduce the amount of wobbling.

What Goes Wrong in Spindle Motors?

A common issue with aging spindle motors is the wearing down of bearings. Traditionally, spindle motors were built using metal bearings. These bearings can become dry or worn down over time, making it difficult for the motor to turn properly. This problem can often be seen in the sudden wobbling of your spindle motor. Temporary repairs such as placing a drop or two of light machine oil into the bearing will not serve as a long-term solution to the deterioration of ball bearings.

Weak, shorted, or dead motors are the other issue surrounding spindle motors. If your spindle motor is showing signs of wearing out, such as spinning at a slow rate or erratically, you’d do best to call an experienced technician before the problem worsens. If you’re experiencing a completely dead spindle motor, don’t lose hope – an expert motor technician can most likely bring your spindle motor back to life at low cost.

Let ServoMotor Help with Your Spindle Motor Repair

For more than three decades, A-1 ServoMotor has assisted customers in recovering their spindle motors back to original (or even better than original) performance expectations. We understand the ins and outs of a spindle motor, and we know the best, most current methods of solving simple or complex spindle motor issues. We will perform a check on your motor before replacing anything and keep you informed on what’s wrong with your motor and what you can do in the future to help prevent problems.

Our expert repair technicians can also tell you if a different problem is the source of a spinning or skipping issue – such as a tracking or control issue that can often be misinterpreted as a spindle motor issue. Trust the team at ServoMotor to take good care of your spindle motor and return it to you better than new in a timely manner.

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