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About AEG-Lafert

AEG-Lafert AC brushless servo motors meet and exceed high European industry standards for industrial servos. Featuring rare earth magnets that allow these servo motors to work under even the most extreme industrial conditions, AEG-Lafert servo motors are ingress protection certified (IP65) as standard, with an option of up to IP67 certification for increased safety. These servo motors also feature a temperature sensor and class F insulation to keep the motor from overheating, with the option of fan and water cooling mechanisms. AEG-Lafert servo motors come with 4-6 winding poles standard, but can also be manufactured with 8 to customer specifications.

Connectors can also be selected by the customer to maintain consistency between existing machinery. AEG-Lafert brushless servo motors exceed at a range of functions, including textile machines, wood working equipment, glass and stone working, robotics, and machines used in the wrapping and packaging industries. They are also commonly used in battery-powered vehicles. Customers trust AEG-Lafert for high quality servo motors that are built to last under even the most intense industrial situations.

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