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Berger Lahr Servo Motor Repair

About Berger Lahr

Although Berger Lahr is a respected name within the motion control industry, the company chose to change its name to Schneider Electric Motion Deutschland in 2008. Schneider Electric now offers a comprehensive line of motion control products for machine automation that is based on the high quality work performed by Berger Lahr. Schneider Electric has integrated all of its current motion control products into the company’s Lexium line of products. These products include integrated drives, motion controllers, stepper drives and stepper motors, servo drives and servo motors, and single-axis and multi-axis linear motion systems. Schneider Electric also continues to maintain a number of Berger Lahr servo products, such as actuators, tin can motors, and brushless DC drives and motors. As a part of Schneider Electric, Berger Lahr servo products are now accompanied by a vast array of other excellent products services. In addition, Schneider Electric is committed to producing environmentally friendly products that reflect the values of the company’s Green Premium eco-mark. For instance, Schneider Electric offers a wide variety of solar products.

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