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Compumotor Servo Motor Repair

About Compumotor

Electromechanical automation in North America is shaped by the leadership of Parker, which developed Compumotor for groundbreaking results. The Parker’s Xpress PAC system doesn’t compromise technological integrity. Rather, it standardizes the solutions for HMI visualization and automation control. Aside from Compumotor, other solutions that Parker develops include servo systems, stepper systems, motors and rotary positioners, gearheads and gearmotors, linear motion systems, and structural framing. Compumotor and Parker are dedicated to helping clients gain control of their next motion control application. Through advanced controllers, clients will have the tools necessary to harness the intelligence of their systems. Compumotor began by micro-stepping into the drive/controllers market in 1979. Since then, Compumotor has been recognized for its economical methods of single-axis control. At Compumotor, the primary goal is to help clients ensure that their motion control applications are working properly and that every issue is solved. Since Compumotor manufacturers all the components of the motion systems, it has access to immediate support and specialized technicians. Instead of second-guessing motion control, clients can trust Compumotor’s world-class service, innovation, and technology development.

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