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Control Techniques Servo Motor Repair

About Control Techniques

AC, DC and servo drives and motors are Control Techniques’s specialties. With products fitting both commercial and industrial applications across a wide range of industries, Control Techniques has become a proven leader with a reputation for quality products, durability and innovation. AC drives from Control Techniques boast high performance motor control, industry-leading ease of use, durable and long-lasting design, and a wide range of power and voltages to drive performance in any application. On the DC side, they remain committed to upgrading DC drives in those industries that utilize the technology by using DC drives with AC technology to offer a more durable, more reliable product. Servo drives and motors provide flexibility and performance, whether needed for pulse duty or continuous duty. The latest innovation from Control Techniques comes in the form of the Unidrive M app a tool for manufacturing automation capable of controlling their Unidrive M series drives from the palm of your hand. This technological innovation is par for the course at Control Techniques, typical of the cutting edge thinking in place companywide.

Servo Motor Repair Facilities: Looking for a reliable, competent servo repair facility? Ask a prospective repair facility these 10 questions first.

Servo repair is not a side-line business. It is our ONLY business. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure you motor is repaired correctly – the first time. In addition to our normal repair, we offer an expedite service that will typically reduce the repair time to as little as 24 to 48 hours in-house.

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