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ElectroCraft Servo Motor Repair

About ElectroCraft

Headquartered in Dover, doctor New Hampshire, ElectroCraft produces some of the most trusted AC motors, DC motors, machine transaxle drives, gearboxes, linear actuators, brushless motors, and much, much more. ElectroCraft boasts a sleek business design with international resources that allows for quick turnarounds, excellent quality, and custom solutions. From equipment for air conditioners to aircrafts, ElectroCraft demands quality in every area of business. One of the most recognized ElectroCraft products is the RapidPower, EXC, DB, and E-Series BLDC Motors. This motor is used in copiers, medical equipment, packaging, pumps, laboratory equipment, fans, and custom projects. Despite its relatively small size, ElectroCraft assures high performance motors with a cost-advantage. Another piece is the AxialPower Plus and L3 Linear Actuator, which are used in antenna positioning, electric breaking systems for railways, and custom OEM applications. Aside from world-class application support and a wide range of solutions, ElectroCraft is highly respected for its custom solutions for every industry. Global resources give ElectroCraft the technology and the financial backing to create the technical equipment that meets your needs and specifications.

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