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Emerson Servo Motor Repair

About Emerson

Emerson Industrial Automation was founded in 1973 under the name KTK. Since then, Emerson would become a global presence with over 1,700 employees in locations around the world. Emerson boasts leading Control Techniques technology that includes innovative Servo drive solutions as well as AC and DC drives for industrial and manufacturing equipment alike. Through local sales, service and design offerings, Emerson provides unparalleled value for its many clients. Emerson’s Control Techniques are defined by its Servo drives and Servo motors, which are segmented into Pulse Duty and Continuous Duty. Pulse Duty motors service applications that require hard acceleration or deceleration. Continuous Duty motors, on the other hand, are for those applications running for extended durations. Some of the most popular drives include the Unidrive M700, AC Drive 0.5 hp, 1600 hp and the Epsilon EP, Compact 1.5 Axis Servo Drive. Emerson boasts four different brands including Control Techniques, Control Techniques Dynamics, Saftronics, and Fincor. Regardless of the products or services rendered, Emerson remains committed to an excellent client experience and technological innovation.

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