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EW Hof Servo Motor Repair

About Ew Hof

EW Hof is a worldwide leader in generators and electric motors, offering solutions for any need. Whether AC, DC, three-phase synchronous or asynchronous, direct drives or generators, EW Hof has been at the forefront of the industry for years and has your needs covered. The product range at EW Hof is designed to meet and exceed any need. DC motors from 150-600 volts with a wide variety of customizable options for insulation, ventilation, and IP protection provide power to satisfy any application. Three-phase motors offer high power in a compact design, and all are customizable in nearly every aspect for maximum flexibility and performance. Generators come in water or air-cooled varieties, offering high efficiency and optimized performance. In addition to the wide range of products available, EW Hof specializes in troubleshooting, tailoring specific designs and solutions to meet the problem spots in any business model or application. Working closely with clients to design systems that answer that client’€™s particular needs exactly is EW Hof’s specialty. Innovation and delivery are EW Hof’s calling cards.

  • AC Servo Motor Repair
  • DC Servo Motor Repair
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor Repair
  • Spindle Motor & Spindle Repair
  • Stepper Motor Repair

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