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Fabbrica Servo Motor Repair

About Fabbrica

Fabbrica Italiana Programmi is best known for its production of robotic cells. Founded in 2007, Fabbrica was originally known as a manufacturer of PC and PLC industrial automation software. Market success allowed Fabbrica to expand into the field of ceramic industry and robotics, where it is a competitive force today. Through practical solutions and the latest technologies, Fabbrica has produced award-winning solutions that consistently meet the needs of the company’s clients and contribute to environmental sustainability. Through its robotic cells, Fabbrica helps clients increase competitiveness, profitability and flexibility. Fabricca’s robotic cells can work long hours and can be reprogrammed for new product launches without stopping any ongoing orders. This boosts assembly operations while decreasing the amount of time necessary for machine tending. Fabbrica is committed to ethical business practices internally and with its partners. Commitment to customers, employees, and the greater market is what defines Fabbrica’s corporate values. Fabbrica is also committed to economic, environmental, and social issues, contributing to a progressive world where robotic technology increases productivity and improves quality of life. Fabbrica continues to develop unique technologies that push industry standards.

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