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Gettys & Gettys/Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

About Gettys

An internationally recognized company based in Racine, Wisconsin, Elwood-Gettys has been providing high quality servo motors since 1959, and stepper motors since the 1995 acquisition of the company Rapidsyn. Elwood-Gettys is a vertically integrated design and manufacturing firm, allowing it to manufacture the majority of its own components, setting it apart from other companies. Today, Elwood-Gettys focuses primarily on building heavy-duty servo and stepper motors used in industrial automation, including custom projects. Elwood-Gettys servo and stepper motors are ingress protection rated to a high-pressure wash-down minimum (IP-66), allowing every motor to withstand submersion, strong jets of water, as well as dust and other debris. Additionally, all of Elwood-Gettys’ food grade servo and stepper motors are made from stainless steel sealed with an FDA approved epoxy to prevent corrosion and promote cleanliness and safety. For high-risk industrial situations, Elwood-Getty’s explosion proof motors offer enhanced safety. These motors are ATEX certified for explosive atmospheres, including gas, vapors, and dust. Elwood-Gettys offers individual consultations to help customers select the ideal, safest motor for their environment.

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