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About Indramat/Rexroth
Formerly known as Indramat, illness Rexroth is a leading producer of high quality electric drives and controls. Indramat products such as motors, drives, and controls can now be identified under Rexroth brand names. Through an authorized distribution network or a Rexroth Sales organization, customers can purchase a variety of excellent Rexroth products. Classic Indramat products can now be replaced or upgraded by using the current Rexroth models of the products. For instance, Indramat controls products are now being distributed under the brand name of IndraControl PLCs/PACs and IndraMotion. In addition, Indramat HMIs are now marketed as Rexroth Indracontrol V HMIs. Indramat I/O systems can be replaced or upgraded with the Rexroth Inline and Fieldline I/O systems. Customers can still count on the high quality industrial servo drives and motion controls that were at the heart of the Indramat business. With Rexroth, Indramat Servo Drives have been updated to feature a variety of improvements, such as energy efficient components. Indramat Servo Motors are now known as Rexroth IndraDyn motors, but they still provide the powerful performance expected of Indramat products.

Our Most Popular Indramat models:

  • MAC112C-0-ED-1-B/130-A-0/-100625S005
  • MAC063B-1-JS-1-C/095-B-0/-100500
  • MAC115B-0-GS-4-C/130-A-1/WI524LV/S001
  • MAC115B-2-GS-4-C/130-A-0/WI519LV/S001
  • MAC090B-2-PD-4-C/110-B-0/-W1520LV/S001

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