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Kearfott Servo Motor Repair

About Kearfott

The mission of Kearfott is to develop highly reliable technology that meets the specifications and standards of military and commercial customers alike. A subsidiary of the Astronautics Corporation of America, store Kearfott is known for its technological solutions that serve land, air, and sea. From manned to unmanned aircrafts, fixed and rotary wins, Kearfott has the expertise and the team needed to create the superior quality and reliability that has defined the cutting-edge of science. Some of the products Kearfott designs, manufactures, and produces include navigation and pointing products, missile products, unmanned aircraft, artillery, tanks, and marine products. Kearfott is particularly recognized for its dismounted soldier systems, which offer precision targeting regardless of elevation or reference point. The Kearfott Goniometer takes advantage of LRUs, target intelligence, and support coordination for superior products. Kearfott sells finished and polished equipment as well as spare parts for items that need repairs. Kearfott also provides supplier resources including Guidance and Nav. Division Procurement and Motion Systems Division Procurement. Kearfott is headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey and has a location in North Carolina.

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