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Kollmorgen Inland Servo Motor Repair

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About Kollmorgen

For over 60 years, Kollmorgen has been providing high quality technical service and innovative solutions for a range of industrial products and projects. With a team of over 1,800 employees powering their global presence, Kollmorgen stands out as an international leader, providing engineering services and technical support around the world. Their highly trained corps of employees supports the Kollmorgen commitment to excellence in engineering and works hard to provide innovative and cost-efficient solutions for every client and every project. Whether they are providing servo motor repair services or driving the innovations to create an artificial heart, you can expect excellence from Kollmorgen.

Working under the motto “Motion Matters”, Kollmorgen delivers guaranteed custom solutions that will keep your machines moving smoothly and efficiently. Kollmorgen specializes in motion control design and all repairs are performed with only the highest quality parts drawn from a global supply chain, allowing each project to be completed in a timely manner. No matter how complicated the project, trust Kollmorgen, the experts who understand what it takes to keep your company running.

Our Most Popular Kollmorgen Models

  • JR16M4CH-F9T-IP55
  • 00-00902-123
  • 00d09a091005
  • 00D09A09107-5
  • 00-J1644-016

Our Most Popular Inland Models

  • TT-4204-3001-C
  • TTRB-4033-102-A-02-D
  • TTR-4500-4201-B29L
  • TT-4204-3001
  • TT-2033-141-0A


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