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About Lenze
Motion Centric Automation is the order of the day at Lenze. Specializing in complete automation systems, Lenze has the tools to deliver engineering freedom at consistently high levels. An industry leader driving innovation and new development, Lenze works closely with each client to develop a tailored approach to solving problems and increasing productivity. From implementation to automation, Lenze helps to get it done. No matter your specific drive needs, Lenze has the drive solutions to match. From conveyor drives to synchronized drives, from tool drives to positioning drives, from hoist drives to coordinated drives and more, Lenze’s products and services can be used in a wide range of applications both commercial and industrial, improving efficiency and adding value at all levels of your business model. Lenze offers engineering freedom through automation, working closely to address each client’s needs for the entire duration of the project. Taking a comprehensive, holistic view of control systems, Lenze offers products and solutions tailored to specific needs, ensuring that each part in the whole is perfectly adapted to its purpose.

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