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About Moog

Precision motion control products and systems have long been the focus at Moog. These products and systems are designed with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in innovative services with applications in any industry from military and commercial aircraft to wind energy to missile ballistics to medical equipment. Wide-ranging in scope and ambitious in execution, Moog’s products are pushing the world forward into the future. Moog has been supplying technologies that power military fighter aircraft since the company was first founded in the 1950s. Primary flight controls, inertial sensors, actuators and other components in today’s modern supersonic fighter jets were first designed and implemented at Moog. Moog technologies help continue to make the United States air force the most technologically advanced in the world. Medical applications of Moog technologies include postoperative pain management through their disposable ambulatory pumps, catheter kits and more. Reducing pain and improving patient experiences are high on the priorities list at Moog, and their products reflect this commitment. No matter the application, Moog has the technology to make it work for you.

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