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Omron Servo Motor Repair

About Omron

Omron is an industrial automation leader in quality, safety, and environmental care. Through advanced technical capabilities, Omron fulfills the industrial automation demands of both society and the market. Imagination, value, and technical capability are what Omron calls “monozukuri”.

Omron is known for its quality sensors, switches, safety components, relays, automation systems, energy conservation support, power supplies, and more. Omron approaches quality through its “Quality Lifecycle Management” program that travels the laboratory, factory, and market stages of the value chain.

Through Omron’s core sensing and control technologies, technical expertise is provided to ensure quality management, which detects and eliminates defects and clarifies product standards. In monozukuri, the market can rely on Omron’s innovation and reliability to develop complex products in an intensely competitive market. Added value through quality and safety make Omron a vital partner in manufacturing and business success. Aside from innovative technologies that service the market, Omron increases its use of renewable energy to be an industry forerunner in championing environmental safety and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and substances.

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