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Pacific Scientific Servo Motor Repair

About Pacific Scientific

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company was founded in 1975 with a commitment to innovation and excellence. Centered in California and Arizona, Pacific Scientific’s three operations campuses each focus on a range of different technologies intended to meet the current and future needs of every client. Pacific Scientific stands out from its competitors through the integration of high quality parts and highly trained employees who are dedicated to teamwork and are responsible and creative. The team at Pacific Scientific consists of expert problem solvers trained in world-class engineering practices, allowing Pacific Scientific to achieve the highest quality results on every project.

Safety comes first for Pacific Scientific, meaning they never cut corners on any project. All Pacific Scientific projects are monitored from start to finish to ensure consistent performance. To this end, Pacific Scientific partners with the SAFE Association and has received a range of industry awards. With greater productivity, reduced cost, and an emphasis on best practices as laid out by the Danaher Business System, Pacific Scientific can be trusted to execute any project to world-class standards.

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