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About Parker
As the leader in solving the hardest problems of the modern world for nearly 100 years, prescription Parker offers an array of hydraulic, prostate industrial, and aerospace solutions. Parker has a global client base served by their commitment to ever increasing productivity and profitability for customers, as well as an overall goal of improved environmental sustainability in their work. Parker aims to always foster an environment of innovation that is true to company tradition and produces fruitful collaborations and technological evolution. The Parker product line is extensive, offering well over a dozen types of some basic industrial equipment, such as servo motors, including integrated drive varieties. Other important pieces of industrial equipment manufactured by Parker include dynamic, efficient drive systems, regulators and flow control components for gases and liquids, and a wide range of sealants, such as cushioning seals, o-rings, and static seals. Parker even manufactures a variety of medical and dental equipment, including innovative negative pressure therapy devices and emergency oxygen systems. This product diversity makes Parker an ever expanding company, meeting many modern needs.

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