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PMI Servo Motor Repair

About PMI

Industrial servo drives have been PMI’s bread and butter since 1987. Based out of Meckesheim, Germany, PMI’s brushless servo drives have been an industry leader in dynamic motion technologies from the very beginning. PMI specializes in custom-designed solutions tailored to each business’s specific needs. In addition to motors and amplifiers, PMI now offers a comprehensive array of products including gear units, brakes, encoders, power supplies, control racks, and more. PMI products are available worldwide, serving the needs of business and industry all over the globe. KN series servo disc motors use flat disc armature and specialized magnets to create a motor of unsurpassed thinness and high performance with high acceleration and zero cogging. Operating at up to 5,000 RPM and in varying sizes for different applications, the various KN models provide precision and performance at any level. The KN series motors are examples of the innovation and dedication to the cutting edge that are PMI’s hallmarks. Applications of PMI products are far-ranging and include: coil winders, movie camera cranes, mail sorting machines, blood pumps, textile machinery, packaging, and the manufacture of semiconductors.

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