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Stober Servo Motor Repair

About Stober Drives Inc.

Stober Drives, Inc., which is headquartered in Maysville, Kentucky, is the United States subsidiary of the German-based STÖBER. Stober Drives is known for its ServoFit Precision Planetary Gearhead, which ensures a quieter, smoother ride. As a member of the Association for High Technology Distribution and the Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association, Strober Drives is recognized for its superior gearing solutions. The Motion Control Gear Reducer (Servo) equipment that Stober Drives offers includes InLine and Offset Gearheads, Hollow and Right Angle Gearheads, ServoFit Food and Beverage, Rack and Pinion Drives, and much more. Stober Drives also offers products in the Servo Gear Motor and Power Transmission (Nema) channels. One of their latest featured products is the PipeDrive Hollow Bore Servo Geared Motor, which is an ideal solution for bringing cables and pipes through the motor itself. It contains a ratio of 27:1 and is compatible with most servo drives. The hollow bore diameters measure at 28 mm 45 mm. Stober Drives maintains a firm commitment to uncompromised products, superior performance, and providing the best solutions for its clients.

  • AC Servo Motor Repair
  • DC Servo Motor Repair
  • Brushless DC Servo Motor Repair
  • Spindle Motor & Spindle Repair
  • Stepper Motor Repair

Servo Motor Repair Facilities: Looking for a reliable, competent servo repair facility? Ask a prospective repair facility these 10 questions first.

Servo repair is not a side-line business. It is our ONLY business. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure you motor is repaired correctly – the first time. In addition to our normal repair, we offer an expedite service that will typically reduce the repair time to as little as 24 to 48 hours in-house.

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