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Superior Electric Servo Motor Repair

About Superior Electric

Superior Electric is an established brand under Danaher Motion and has been providing voltage, power control, and conditioning equipment to the market since 1938. Superior Electric is known for working directly with clients to configure and create custom solutions that meet voltage regulation, surge protection requirements, individual variable power, and conditioned power. As part of Danaher Motion, Superior Electric is known as a leading provider of motion control products and application expertise. Superior Electric complements the worldwide support and service infrastructure for Danaher Motion, joining the legacy of Kollmorgen, Thomson, MEI, Dover, and Portescap. Key motors produced include Servomotors, Stepper, AC Synchronous Motor, Direct Drive, Washdown Food Grade, Brush DC, Vehicle Motors, and much more. The Danaher Motion system works by attracting the top talent in the world to create sustainable motors with superior performance and affordable costs. By paying attention to consumer demands, hiring exceptional talent, and investing in the latest technology, Danaher Motion and Superior Electric have grown to become a $12.7 billion global leader in the industry.

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