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AC & DC Servo Motor Repair Services

Customer support and satisfaction are the basis for all services we provide. We service over 600 brands of servo motors, but if you have any needs that are not specifically addressed below, please contact us for immediate assistance.

DC Servo Repair Service

Servo Rebuild and Repair Service

Our normal servo repair service includes Free Servo Evaluation and a quote in approximately 3 days after we receive your servo device. The evaluation comes at no risk to you; all you pay is shipping. Once we receive your approval, the repair will typically be completed in 7 to 10 working days depending on parts availability and workload. If an immediate repair or rebuild is needed, please refer to our Expedited Services.

Normal repair service procedure:

1. Call for an RMA number prior to shipping your servo device.
2. Complete a shipping form for each motor you send to describe the failure of your device.
3. Carefully package your motor and include the RMA number and shipping form with the package.(Servos are very delicate. Please use care when packaging your servo device. Many devices arrive at our facility with shipping damage that either increases the cost of repair or renders the servo non-repairable.)

Please call for an RMA tracking number prior to shipping any device to A-1 Servomotor Repair.

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