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Why Choose Us for your Servo Repair Needs?

Why We Re-Magnetize All Servo Motors

It is important to understand that once a servomotor, stepper motor or tachometer has been taken apart for repair, it will usually not work properly again until the magnetism is restored to its proper level.

The signs of weak magnets or improper magnetism are low torque, high current and/or intermittent failures. We know how to solve these problems for you. We have the drivers and the fixtures necessary to re-magnetize almost any motor you send us. If a fixture does not exist, we will design and build one to do the job. We don’t just re-magnetize a motor and hope it’s right. We have the test equipment necessary to do the complete job. We check the flux density and pattern throughout the total magnet assembly to insure that you get the maximum torque the motor was designed to produce.

*Some rotor magnets must be removed to effectively magnetize. These magnets are typically thin, brittle and costly to safely remove. Due to the potential for damage and the cost associated with removal, we do not attempt to remagnetize magnets on some AC Servo Motor rotors. However, every motor will receive a comprehensive torque assessment, and repair quotes will include new rotors when applicable.

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