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Pancake Servo Motor Repair

Pancake Servo Motor Repair: All servo motor repair facilities are not the same. If you have ever used a regular motor repair shop for pancake servo motor rebuild, you no doubt understand how important it is for the repair facility to have an in-depth understanding of pancake servo motors. Sending your pancake servo motor to an unqualified facility will likely cost you additional down-time and money. They may destroy critical components or render the entire pancake servo motor unserviceable.

We specialize in servo repair including pancake servo motors and have designed our facility to meet the demanding needs of the pancake servo rebuild function. We are not in the same business as the typical “motor repair shop”. We have the experience, specialized test equipment and technical support you need for your pancake servo motors. Also, we have the ability to re-magnetize servo motors to ensure optimal performance.

We service over 600 different manufacturers’ servo devices. Since 1982 we have serviced over 100,000 servo motors and pancake servo motors from customers around the world. Send your servo to us today for a free evaluation.

Servo Motor Repair Facilities: Looking for a reliable, competent servo repair facility? Ask a prospective repair facility these 10 questions first.

Servo repair is not a side-line business. It is our ONLY business. We have the experience and expertise you need to ensure you motor is repaired correctly – the first time. In addition to our normal repair, we offer an expedite service that will typically reduce the repair time to as little as 24 to 48 hours in-house.

Free Evaluation

Get a quote prior to committing

Fast Turnaround

Prompt service
24-48 hour repair available

Experienced Servo Motor Repair

Over 100,000 servo motors
repaired since 1982

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