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Stepper Motor Repair

Stepper motors operate by converting a train of electronic pulses into defined mechanical movements. This type of motor uses electromagnets to attract the motor’s gear teeth and align them properly, giving the Stepper motor its most prominent attribute – precise, exact positioning. Stepper motors are often used in image scanners, camera lenses, aircraft equipment, and most recently in 3D printers, to provide accurate positioning where it’s needed most.

Problems within the complex infrastructure of a stepper motor can result in damaging miscalculations, especially when they are used for tamper-evident food packaging, aircraft sensor applications, and medical diagnostics. An issue within your Stepper motor can completely confuse an assignment, large or small, resulting in complete project failure. If your Stepper motor has been showing signs of a problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional motor repair company for an expert inspection.

Do I Need a Professional to Repair My Stepper Motor?

Stepper motors are useless without their extreme precision and perfect alignment. The delicate electromagnets that allow these feats to be possible within a Stepper motor are difficult to repair correctly and expensive to replace.

If you DIY your Stepper motor repair using Internet searches and word-of-mouth quick-fixes, you’re risking the integrity of your entire operation. Both the motor and the equipment the motor is benefiting will suffer from a fix that isn’t done properly, resulting in more money and time spent on subsequent repairs.

Trust Your Stepper Motor to the Experts at A-1 Servomotor Repair

At A-1 Servomotor Repair, our team of professionals has been repairing Stepper motors for over 30 years. We understand the needs of the intricate electromagnetic cores within Stepper motors and have the appropriate tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. We don’t take repairs to Stepper motors lightly, regardless of project they are involved in, and we are committed to fulfilling the rigorous servicing needs this type of motor requires.

The typical lifetime of a Stepper motor is 10,000 operating hours. Depending on how often your Stepper motor is used, this can last you from five years to twenty years, if serviced properly. Like any motor, inaccurate or clumsy repairs can prove ineffectual and cause damage to the machinery. Stepper motors are especially difficult to repair due to their complexity: the controller, detent torque, encoder, rotor, stator, teeth, train pulse, and a variety of other machinations must all be working at optimal efficiency to provide the accurate positioning required of them.

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