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24-48 Hour Expedited Servo Repair

We fully understand that turnaround time is always a consideration. We try to accommodate your needs by being as flexible as possible. When you have an emergency for a machine down, we provide an expedite option that will typically get your device rebuilt the same day it is received.

However, if we must order a part from a vendor, we are forced to get in line with everyone else and are therefore limited by the vendor’s response time. The good news is that this delay accounts for only a very small fraction of the emergencies we process. We have a well-equipped machine shop capable of reworking worn parts, fabricating new parts or upon request, making modifications to your existing equipment.

For the fastest service, call us for free technical support. After confirming servo repair is likely needed from our extensive troubleshooting process, we’ll issue you an RMA number. Upon arrival at our facility, your device will receive an immediate evaluation followed by a phone call from one of our support personnel explaining the problem found, a repair quote, and an expected turnaround time. Upon approval, we will begin the rebuild process immediately and ship as quickly as possible – many times devices will ship the same day they are received.

Servo Motor Troubleshooting and Testing

Free Evaluation

Get a quote prior to committing

Fast Turnaround

Prompt service
24-48 hour repair available

Experienced Servo Motor Repair

Over 100,000 servo motors
repaired since 1982

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