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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not addressed below, please call us for a prompt answer at (972) 313-1133 or (888) 336-8430

What is the A1 Servomotor Repair Warranty?

Our servo repair warranty is simple: Every device we rebuild has a minimum one year in-service warranty that covers parts and workmanship. However, we understand that a servo motor may sit on your shelf unused (as a spare) for longer than one year. Consequently, our warranty time is based more upon our evaluation of the motor and its condition rather than the exact date the rebuild was completed. Our objective is to be fair. This statement in no way modifies or changes in any way our official warranty. Our official warranty is available upon request.

What do I Need to do to Send in a Servo Motor?

Simply give us a call at 888-336-8430 or 972-313-1133 to get a “Return Authorization Number” (RMA) so we know your motor is coming and we can keep track of it. You will be given a unique number that can be used to check on the progress of your motor rebuild. Be sure NOT to remove or change the adjustment of any timing devices on your servo motor or spindle. It is important to package your device properly to eliminate any shipping damage – this could save you a great deal of money…

Do You Repair Servo Motors Regardless of Manufacturer?

The simple answer is “YES”. We have been dedicated to servo motor and spindle rebuild since 1982 and have rebuilt devices with countless model numbers manufactured by literally hundreds of companies. We are not so bold as to state that we can rebuild any device but the ones that are not rebuilt are few and far between. One of the things that separates our company from others is the fact that the “non-repairable” devices make up less than 1% of our business. Some companies determine a device to be non-repairable or scrap if there is anything needed other than a simple repair – this practice costs you money.

How Does Your Normal Service Operate?

Every device we receive is totally disassembled, cleaned and tested allowing us to determine the exact work as well any parts needed to bring the device back to the equivalent of new. This is a complex evaluation and is accomplished on a first come first served basis. Your device is rebuilt in the sequence it was received in our shop. The amount of time to receive a rebuild quote depends on the workload at the time your device is received. Once you approve the rebuild cost the process begins. If rebuild parts are not on our shelves, they will be ordered the day we receive your approval. Parts that must be ordered will be shipped by the most economical means. Upon arrival of the necessary parts your device will be rebuilt and tested as quickly as possible. The rebuilt device will be shipped to you by any method you choose.

How Quickly Can You Repair My Servo Motor?

We offer an expedite option which moves your device to the front of the line and gets it rebuilt as quickly as possible. By paying the expedite fee your device will typically begin the evaluation cycle the same day it is received and you will get a quote just as soon as possible. If we have the rebuild parts on the shelf the rebuild will begin just as soon as you approve the charges. If parts must be ordered they will be expedited and shipped to us using the quickest means possible. Some devices ship the same or next day after received depending on the amount of work to be done and the availability of parts.

How Will You Test the Servo I Send You?

Each rebuild is verified using a variety of test devices and then exercised using a drive to insure their proper operation and balance.

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