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Why Choose Us for Your Servo Repair Needs?

Because we know what we are doing. We have the knowledge necessary to rebuild a device correctly the first time. If you have ever used a regular motor repair shop for servo motor rebuild, you no doubt understand just how important it is for the repair facility to have an in-depth understanding of servo motors.

We are not in the same business as the typical “motor repair shop”. We specialize in servo motor repair and have designed our facility to meet the demanding needs of the servo rebuild function. We have the unique tools and test equipment necessary for servo motor repair. Also, we have the ability to re-magnetize servo motors to ensure optimal performance. There is no need to send your motors back to the OEM, pay a premium price, and wait weeks to get your motors returned… Send them to us!

Our customers include motor repair shops, OEMs, motor manufacturers, distributors, equipment repair companies as well as end users. There is always the possibility that the company you are currently using for repair is actually sending your servo motor to us for rebuild!

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