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We service over 600 different brands, here are a few of our most popular brands serviced:

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  • Over 100,000 servo motors repaired from
  • Over 650 different servo manufacturers
  • All major brands serviced (and many less known names)
  • Over 100 years cumulative experience
  • Fast turnaround / Free technical support

Servo motors are complex by design and the remanufacturing process requires specialized repair techniques. We are a dedicated repair facility. We have over 30 years experience in the areas of ac motor, dc motor, spindle and stepper motor repair. We are not a broker, our 12,000 square foot repair facility is designed especially for high-tech electromechanical repair. From Fanuc and Mitsubishi motors to Siemens and Kollmorgen Inland motors to more than 600 other leading brands, A-1 Servo Motor is the servo repair expert you can trust.

Why choose A-1 Servo Repair? We provide a wide variety of services including a free motor evaluation, expedited repair service and as always we provide best in class technical support. Do you need more than just the standard repair of a bad servo? Our expert offerings include failure analysis to identify custom alterations and modifications that will be beneficial to your instrument.

Call now for prompt support for your motor, stepper motor or spindle motor repair needs. For more information on our services, explore our common repair questions section or view our sitemap for helpful links.

Hear what our customers have to say!

“I wanted to tell you one more time how much you and yours have really helped me out over the past few weeks. Everything you told me about why I was having issues made perfect sense. And since the equipment vendor never responded to my inquiry about the issues, I wanted you to know I sent them the info you sent me, so maybe they might learn something. We can always hope.”

“I spent two months working with a local motor repair shop trying to solve a problem. Each time they would “repair” the motor and send it back it did not work. Finally I sought out A-1 Servo. I brought my motors to them and they diagnosed the problem on the spot and had one motor ready within 24 hours. My press can now run at its full capacity rather than something less.”

“A-1 Servo tech support came to my plant and identified problems with our motor cooling system that were causing the entire front end to our manufacturing process to be shut down. The machine’s vendor and my plant engineers were stumped. While I considered that this problem ‘might’ be outside of their expertise I was proven wrong. They identified the problem, a workable solution that my plant engineers were able to implement. We have been up and running since that time. Thank you”

“When a servomotor on our milling machine died it really crippled our plant. I called A-1 tech support and we talked through the problem and positively identified the servo as being defective. I used their expedite service and had my milling machine back in service in 36 hours from my first phone call.”

“I can’t believe the service I just received. I had a critical delivery that had to be delivered the following day. I hand carried my motor to A-1 Servo. They evaluated it while I waited, identified a problem with the resolver and fixed it within three hours!”

“I’m at the bottom of the ladder here at work and most people don’t know my name. When our CNC equipment isn’t working all of a sudden EVERYONE knows my name and I’m the one that catches it because the equipment is down! I called A-1 Servo tech support and they helped me identify an intermittent cable connection that was causing the problem. Now I’m a hero.”

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